Lorry Leigh Belhumeur - CEO of Western Youth Services (WYS) mental health agency in Orange County, CA

Our Leadership

WYS Board of Directors

David Lechuga, Ph.D., ABPP, APN – President
Csilla Koppany – Vice President
Anthony Cupo – Treasurer
Fred de Avila – Secretary
Lorry Leigh Belhumeur, Ph.D. – Chief Executive Officer
Gilbert Carmona, MSW, LCSW
Elizabeth Garcia
Darren Kerstien
Doreen Lohnes
Patricia Mulhaupt

WYS Leadership

Lorry Leigh Belhumeur, Ph.D., Chief Executive Officer
Amanda Hamaker, MBA, Chief Operating Officer
Annette Catanese, LCSW, Associate Clinical Director
Cynthia Glasgow, LMFT, Associate Clinical Director
Nicole Wohlgemuth, LMFT, Associate Clinical Director – Community Programs
Katie Devlin, Ph.D., Director of Training
Gail Parker, SPHR, Human Resources Director
Loanne Ly, MBA, Controller
Deborah Rothbard, Administration Manager
Stephanie Courtillier, Marketing and Communications Manager
Vivian Brocato, MA, Executive Coordinator and Project Manager