Our Mission, Vision & Values

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Our Mission

Advancing awareness, cultivating success and strengthening communities through integrated mental health services for children, youth and families.

We pursue our purpose on three fronts:

  • Advancing awareness – WYS is the leading expert in mental health and wellness solutions in Orange County. Because our expert team of mental health professionals specializes in working with youth and families, we help the community cut through the stigma preventing at-risk kids from getting the emotional and mental healthcare they deserve. Plus, we’re the partner government agencies, school districts and other youth-serving organizations trust. Together, we’re fostering a generation of youth able to create and lead successful lives.
  • Cultivating success – We’ve redefined mental health services in Orange County to match the right program to suit every child, every family. We have proven, positive results to show the success of our programs – just look to our clients as evidence. After working with us, they emerge as stronger families and happier youth with the skills needed to thrive.
  • Strengthening communities – We work throughout the community and with youth-serving organizations that help children face their behavioral and emotional issues. Our integrated system ensures all youth in Orange County have access to preventative, early intervention and intensive therapies. We seek out and build upon the strengths of each client and bring out the best in every child, creating healthier and happier families contributing to their communities.

Our Vision

A society where youth and families are emotionally equipped and empowered to succeed.

The foundation of positive mental health for children starts when they have a caring adult who believes in them. However, that’s not happening for far too many children. Across the nation, nearly 15 million children suffer from a serious mental illness. That’s one in five children. Right here in Orange County, mental illness affects approximately 150,000 children.

We are their advocates. We believe in them. And we uplift them so they believe in themselves, too. The children we serve experience the happiness of self-confidence and the exhilaration of rising above the real challenges that hold them back. They discover their potential, and go on to create fulfilling lives.

Our goal is to make this success a reality for every child, in every community.

We’re here for all of them. Our treatment programs are always tailored to their needs and circumstances.
After determining what’s right for them, WYS collaborates with families, school personnel and other care providers to develop goals and strategies tailored to their needs.
Although we treat each client individually, families can expect to receive a standard of care:

  • We approach treatment services within the context of the whole person, always with a family focus.
  •  Our program is needs-driven and strengths-based. We identify what each client needs, help them realize the strengths they have already and build upon these assets.
  • Services available include consultation, assessment, and individual, group and family treatment. We offer Evidence-Based Practices, such as Parent-Child Interaction Therapy and Functional Family Therapy, case management and community referrals.
  • The length of services ranges from 8 weeks to 10 months, depending on intensity of needs. Most clients work with WYS for 2 to 5 months.


WYS is governed by four core values.

Honor:  We honor all individuals. We treat clients with dignity regardless of circumstances.  We regard our employees as high quality professionals, appreciating their deep desire to contribute.

Ethics:  In all endeavors, we conduct our business and ourselves with personal and professional integrity in accordance with ethical codes of conduct.

Excellence:  We uphold a standard of excellence throughout the agency with processes in place to ensure the use of best practices and continuous quality improvement.

Efficiency:  We’ve established and we maintain effective and efficient ways of actualizing our goals without compromising quality.

ALL individuals valuing each other
We seek to provide a safe and inclusive space for ALL
We reject intolerance and any form of degradation or abuse of any kind
We commit in words and actions, to uphold the rights of ALL to feel safe, valued, and respected
WYS Welcomes ALL