WYS Celebrates 45 Years

Making an Impact in the Community for 45 Years In 2017, Western Youth Services (WYS) celebrates our 45th year of service in the Orange County, CA community. We are overjoyed about this significant milestone. Not only have we survived through ups and downs both in the world and within our organization, but we have [...]

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Thanks Dee Hase

Congratulations and Thanks Dee Hase What can be said about an employee who has faithfully dedicated 35 years to serving one organization? Thank YOU so very much! Over the years Western Youth Services (WYS) has been Dee's home away from home...she sees us (and we see her) as family. She is extremely conscientious, has [...]

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Mental Health Issues Are Real, Even For Kids

Mental Health Issues Are Real, Even For Kids One in five children, nearly 15 million nationally, face mental health issues. In Orange County alone, mental illness affects 150,000 kids. Warning signs such as changes in eating or sleeping habits, self-doubt, anxiety, depression or emotional issues at school are often overlooked or misdiagnosed. Thanks to [...]

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