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Video Gallery of Stories of Healing, Helping and Hope

Inspiring Stories of Caring, Impact, Generosity, Gratitude, Progress and Prevention

Belonging & Inclusion:

Hear this inspiring story of healing of William. It is a story of a young teen struggling with sudden changes in his family, and his journey of suffering hurt and sadness, and his personal triumph over loss, grief and rediscovering his passion and self-worth.

The Client Experience

A newly single father and his four young children were feeling the stress of the change in their family structure. Each of the children were manifesting their anxiety in different ways, not eating, not talking, acting out in school, and fighting with each other.

IMPACT: Volunteer Experiences

WYS volunteers share their experiences of serving, and being an integral part of the collaborative model of volunteering at WYS. “Everyone comes together to help this child become better and grow.” There are many ways to get involved. Intern, Volunteer, and Corporate Volunteer programs.