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It took people who cared

In 1972, a group of caring parents, teachers and police officers came together in Fullerton to create what now is known as Western Youth Services. They believed that local youth struggling with behavioral or emotional issues deserved more compassion, additional access to treatment and a greater number of resources devoted just to them.


Teenage Resource Center founded in the basement of the Fullerton First United Methodist Church

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The Family Crisis Center begins operating out of the Teenage Resource Center, providing counseling to adolescents and their families who are facing crisis situations as well as providing resources including 24-hour care in temporary homes for youth in crisis

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Teen Resource Center rebranded as Western Youth Services serving almost 5000 kids annually

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Western Youth Services holds its first awards banquet

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WYS expands services to clinics and school sites in North and South County

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WYS extends services to reach all of Orange County by operating four clinics and 10 satellite locations, including Family Resource Centers, as well as community-based programs and school-based services.

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WYS expands to include prevention and early intervention services. Staff is trained in the ACE Interface methodology and launch various new programs to expand systems of care and their educational platform.

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COVID-19 brought rapid changes to WYS. Within days, the majority of staff of 250 started to provide services via telehealth. WYS grew their educational platform by moving all live trainings online and launched the RESET Toolbox

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WYS opens its fifth clinic to increase capacity by 20% and continue to serve an ever increasing population

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WYS increases focus on prevention in alignment with state medical health agency to attack the root causes of mental health

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