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Childhood Experiences
and toxic stress

Creating a better world for our children, families, and communities to prevent and address the impact of ACEs and toxic stress

Understanding ACEs to Inform Care and Treatment Plans

Trauma Informed Care

Trauma-informed care recognizes and responds to the signs, symptoms, and risks of trauma to better support the health needs of patients who have experienced Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and toxic stress.

Clinical Assessment & Treatment

Screening for ACEs and responding with evidence-based interventions and trauma-informed care can prevent and treat toxic stress to improve patients’ physical and mental health.

Health Equity

“Through ACEs Aware, we can realize a more just and equitable reality where we can truly prevent and provide healing from childhood adversity for all Californians.”

- Former California Surgeon General Dr. Nadine Burke Harris

Benefits of Screening for ACEs

Screening can mitigate toxic stress and improve health outcomes


Early Detection

Early Intervention

Improve Clinical Assessment

Patient Education

Treatment Planning

Empower Patients

Positive Outcomes

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