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Thanks Dee Hase

Image of Employee 35th Anniversary - Western Youth Services (WYS) - the hub for Children's Mental Health in Orange County, California since October 1972, treating children, youth and families facing trauma and stress

Congratulations and Thanks Dee Hase

What can be said about an employee who has faithfully dedicated 35 years to serving one organization?

Thank YOU so very much!

Over the years Western Youth Services (WYS) has been Dee’s home away from home…she sees us (and we see her) as family. She is extremely conscientious, has a passion for serving WYS and through what she does (so very well) for us, serves our clients, their families and our community. She is the essence of a wonderful example of an employee who with unselfish pride and support is loyal, dedicated to and loves her job, the organization’s mission, and a hearts desire to support WYS in doing what we do…serving the mental health needs of children, their families and the community.

When not at work, Dee spends her time with family and friends, riding her horse every chance she gets, water skiing, and when there’s snow, skiing with the family in Utah. Dee’s compassion and serving heart doesn’t end at WYS; she is also very generous with her time and resources with volunteering outside of WYS for her church, neighbors and community.

Dee loves Norman Rockwell art. For her 35th anniversary she was gifted with a Rockwell print called “The Runaway”. When she first started, WYS had a program called Odyssey which provided temporary housing for runaways. She speaks of WYS’ work with compassion and empathy for those we served at that time….when we had about 20-25 employees serving the community; today, with extreme consciousness, she helps run payroll for well over 200 employees!

WYS has come a long way since 1981- Dee has richly served and contributed to WYS’ by truly believing in the promise of every child.

Thank you Dee, from all of us at WYS, for all you have done and for choosing to work for and represent Western Youth Services for these 35 years! Here’s to you and to many more years of service! Congratulations!

Lorry Leigh Belhumeur, Ph.D.
Chief Executive Officer
Western Youth Services

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