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Evidence-Based practices that are scientifically proven to help children, youth, and families build resilience

Evidence-Based Practices

Examines thoughts and feelings and subsequently leads to making a commitment to change by accepting one’s reactions, choosing a direction valued and taking action

Helps strengthen bonds and builds secure relationships between caregiver and child

Assists youth in identifying and changing complex and repetitive patterns of thinking affecting emotion and driving behavior

DBT focuses on social and emotional elements to stabilize mood and decrease self-destructive behaviors

An 8-phase model that reduces vividness and emotional dysregulation associated with traumatic memories

Family therapy focuses on interrupting current negative patterns, improving family interaction, and strengthening the family framework

Group format structured for both caregivers and children to help reduce challenging behaviors

Supports a client’s motivation to change from a state of uncertainty and indecision to finding the motivation to make positive decisions to accomplish goals

A 6-session didactic treatment used to improve caregiver-child relationships with child behavior management strategies

Uses relationship enhancement and strategies to improve compliance that helps caregivers practice effective child management skills

Integrated treatment that helps clients by keeping them in the present, teaching coping skills concerning relationships, compassion, honesty, and healing from anger

Incorporates trauma-sensitive interventions with cognitive behavioral and family therapy techniques

Group curriculum improving flexibility, planning
and organization