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No Name-Calling Week: Western Youth Services’ Stand Against Bullying

No Name Calling Week

In the pursuit of creating safe and inclusive spaces for youth, Western Youth Services is proud to observe No Name-Calling Week, a dedicated initiative to raise awareness about the impact of bullying on mental health. At our core, we recognize the importance of fostering empathy, resilience, and positive character development to combat bullying and create a culture of safety and inclusion.

Bullying Prevention and Intervention Training:

At Western Youth Services, we prioritize bullying prevention and intervention. We understand that intervention is key to creating a supportive environment for all. Our Bullying Prevention and Intervention Training equips educators, parents, and community members with the tools they need to recognize, address, and prevent bullying in schools. These no-cost trainings are available at the RESET Toolbox. You must register with the RESET Toolbox to access these free trainings. To register for the RESET Toolbox, click here.

Supporting Those Affected:

We understand the profound impact of bullying on mental health. In our treatment programs, we provide dedicated support to children and teens affected by bullying, ensuring they receive the care and resources needed for their well-being.

Awareness Building:

Part of our commitment involves building awareness about the various aspects of bullying. From identifying bullying behavior to understanding different types of bullying, we aim to empower individuals with knowledge that promotes a proactive stance against bullying.

Empowering Upstanders:

Central to our approach is empowering students to become “Upstanders.” Through our Intervention Training, we encourage them to speak out when witnessing bullying, fostering a community of allies who actively contribute to a culture of safety and inclusion. This positive intervention promotes character development and resilience among students.

As we commemorate No Name-Calling Week, Western Youth Services remains steadfast in its dedication to eradicating bullying and fostering environments where every child feels valued and supported. Together, let’s champion empathy, inclusion, and positive change in our schools through comprehensive School Bullying Prevention efforts.

If your child or a young loved one is struggling with a mental health concern, we encourage you to reach out to a mental health professional or to contact an Access Coordinator at Western Youth Services by sending an email to [email protected].

Orange County, State and National resources can be found on our site here:

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