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One Door Any Door® Opens Up Mental Health Support and Resources for Children, Youth and Families of All Ages in Orange County

How Does One Door Any Door Work

Through a single entry point, gain access to supportive services within WYS and throughout our collaborative network

Central Access Point

A central access point for mental health support and resources for individuals, children, and families

Working Together

We listen to your story and work together to provide a warm handoff to the right provider to meet your needs

Collaborative Network

Collaborative partnerships with other agencies and resources throughout Orange County help us shorten the process of receiving help

Our Collaborative Partners

Western Youth Services (WYS) coordinates the collaborative efforts of the partners through our One Door Any Door™ program. Start with one phone call or email and have access to agencies and resources throughout Orange County.

Life brings challenges that sometimes require more than the help of family, friends, and school personnel. At WYS, we match the right services or training to every child, family and community member. Our integrated service model means we offer programs and trainings intended to prevent mental health issues by using wellness solutions and intervening early enough to catch behavioral or emotional issues before the point of crisis.  

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Good mental health during childhood and adolescence is just as important as good physical health. Child Guidance Center (CGC) is dedicated to providing excellent behavioral and mental health services for the youth of Orange County. We train family members, teachers and others who all have essential roles in ensuring children can achieve their true potential. We support ALL families – adoption and foster parents, blended families, grandparents and LGBTQ+ families to provide the support and services they need to raise healthy and emotionally resilient children.

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Children’s Bureau vision is simple–Children thriving in strong families and communities. To accomplish this vision, Children’s Bureau’s mission is straightforward and impactful–Protecting vulnerable children, through prevention, treatment, and advocacy. 

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OMID is a full-service family enrichment center dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for individuals and families in Orange County. Our therapeutic services’ goals are individualized to best serve each individual and family seeking professional expertise. We believe in promoting these common goals: well-being, resiliency, and reaching one’s potential while strengthening families and support networks. Our outreach activities and trainings are designed to reduce the stigma of mental illness and raise the community’s awareness regarding available support resources. We provide life skill classes, group training and seminars to support self-reliance and recovery maintenance. 

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The RESET Toolbox is full of resources to minimize anxiety and build resilience in children and teens. Parents, educators, school/district administrators, students, community members, youth-serving organizations, and collaborative agencies will learn how to help kids and teens cope with stress including social isolation.  

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The Multi-Ethnic Collaborative of Community Agencies (MECCA) specializes in accessing and serving underserved or hard-to-reach individuals and communities. As a collaborative, MECCA relies on the credibility and strength of its member agencies who have been serving communities across Orange County, California for decades. The power of our collaborative is evidenced by our ability to reach underserved populations on a scale that has never been done before.

MECCA works collaboratively to build the capacity of our diverse communities and coordinate services for the Arab, Korean, Chinese, Iranian, Latino and Vietnamese communities of Orange County, California.

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The ADRC is a partnership of local agencies that collaborate to improve access to long-term services and supports in Orange County. The purpose of the ADRC is to further the seamless integration of home and community-based services across the continuum and empower individuals to make informed choices about long term services and supports (LTSS) through the development of a consumer-centered, coordinated entry point into the long-term support system using a “No Wrong Door Approach”. As a proud member of the ADRC, Western Youth Services offers assistance with linking individuals to vital mental health services through our One Door-Any Door™ Access Coordination model.

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