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empowering youth & creating super resilient kids

Research-based mental wellness curriculum to provide the tools youth need to heal, navigate adversities, & to become leaders who break the cycles caused by trauma in this generation

What is Super Resilient® Youth

Youth Centered, Research Based, Inclusive and Accessible Program That Involves the Community, Provides Comprehensive Support and Results in Tangible, Measurable Impact


Groundbreaking program designed to build resilience among youth facing adversity

Targeted Approach

Designed to help at-risk youth, especially those exposed to ACEs & other adversities

Resilience Strategies

Actionable tools for overcoming challenges & improving self-esteem & adaptability


Helps students recognize their true strengths, fostering empowerment and self-belief

Mindfulness Practices

Encourages mindfulness activities to build resilience and manage adversity

Culturally Responsive

Inclusive and accessible, providing culturally responsive support for diverse communities

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Frequently Asked Questions

⭑ All video teaching materials
⭑ A supplementary teacher’s guide
⭑ Individual workbooks for the students
⭑ Full customer support for the duration of your course

⭑ Aimed at middle school students, aged 10-14
⭑ Students who have experienced past trauma
⭑ Students with confidence issues
⭑ Students with behavioral difficulties

⭑ This introductory module is broken down into four lessons
⭑ Each lesson has three parts: An explanatory video, an individual exercise and a summary video
⭑ Each student will complete the individual exercise in their workbook
⭑ Teachers may facilitate group discussion, if appropriate

This course promotes a variety of important personal life skills, including:

⭑ Self-reflection and self-awareness
⭑ Critical thinking and problem-solving
⭑ Self-respect and confidence
⭑ Self-care and positive personal development
⭑ Adaptability and versatility

Tangible impacts, lasting outcomes

Students build self-reflection and self-awareness skills to help them assess and control their own behaviors when faced with a variety of situations.

Students learn to be proud of themselves, and to recognize that they’re not defined by their past behaviors or traumas.

Students acquire the skills to identify their strengths and build personalized solutions to overcome challenges based on these assets.

Students learn the power of diversity and the role of self-acceptance in utilizing this diversity to achieve harmony.

Students learn to recognize unhelpful narratives that trigger negative behaviors.

Students get actionable tools to overcome everyday challenges and to build a better relationship with themselves and others.