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Maddison came to WYS as an overwhelmed mom of three kids. Initially, she was seeking counseling for her 12-year-old son Brian who was diagnosed with depression, anxiety, and autism. He was being bullied at school and started to run away from school to avoid facing his bullies.

As her story started to unfold, the therapist learned that Maddison herself was struggling with anxiety, as were her 16-year old and 9-year old daughters. She shared that while she tries to remain positive, the burden of managing layers of anxiety is complex and more than she could handle.

We were also able to tap into our community of collaborative partnerships and recommend resources that provided Maddison and her children with ongoing support services in addition to counseling for the whole family.

Maddison is moving forward. She even began volunteering. Her eldest daughter connected with her high school’s Transition Workability Program, and is eager to develop new skills and begin working.

Our Success Stories

Western Youth Services works hard to protect the privacy of the children we help. As such, the names and images of our clients are changed where necessary.