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Amal & Kalila

Mother-daughter relationships are challenging, especially during the teen years. Amal and her 16-year-old daughter Kalila came to WYS with communication problems and because they seemed constantly angry at one another. Amal was watching their relationship “grow apart,” and she desperately wanted to help her daughter through this difficult time.

Amal shared that the communication issues started after Kalila experienced a traumatic event. This was good information to have, we had a starting point. We encouraged Amal to access our parent workshops and parent-partner program. In weekly classes, she is learning about trust, patience, and the importance of prioritizing her own self-care and personal growth in order to be present, supportive, and a positive role model to Kalila.

Our work with Kalila focused on improving her communication skills and learning to listen and be more patient. Both have learned new ways to communicate with one another, and mutual respect and trust are growing, as is their closeness to each other.

Our Success Stories

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