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By the time Pamela was 16 years old, she was running the streets and refusing to be home. Her mother had given up and stopped trying. With no means of transportation, she wouldn’t be able to get Pamela mental health services anyway. This was until she was able to secure Therapeutic Behavioral Services (TBS).

Pamela had a difficult time believing someone could help her, she had given up on herself. She had also given up on everyone else. She was already failing in school and her physical health was declining. Every day she thought about killing herself. After not showing up twice when her TBS coach came to see her, Pamela was surprised when her coach found her in a nearby park.  Pamela agreed to sit down with her.

One and a half years later, Pamela’s mother could be seen with tears streaming down her cheeks, cheering wildly at the school’s graduation ceremony as Pamela received her high school diploma. Pamela would be the first one in the family to attend a university. She plans to study social work and states she “will never give up again, not on myself or anyone else.”

Our Success Stories

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