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Jessica came to WYS experiencing intense distress and sadness as a result of a long history of traumatic childhood experiences.  She avoided thinking or talking about the traumatic situations as well as people or places that might trigger a memory.  She struggled with feeling guilt and shame which had a negative impact on her self-confidence and led to a crippling fear of abandonment and anxiety that would lead to cutting.

The diagnosis was PTSD and individual therapy was the recommendation.  When Jessica finished up a series of individual Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy she shared with us that she felt like a different person. She now feels like she can “handle it.” If the old feelings of anxiety and fear show up she applies the simple, yet effective techniques she learned during therapy.  Deep breathing, self-care, and having a “safe” person to confide in have really helped.

Now that Jessica feels more confident and happy, her relationships with family and friends are improved and she has even found herself helping and teaching others about these coping strategies. Way to go Jessica!

Our Success Stories

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