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Josh and Mark

Sibling rivalry, it’s as old as the family unit itself. And whether competing for toys or attention, the continual bickering, jealousy and sometimes even aggression can become disruptive and even unhealthy. Although sibling rivalry is normal, it needs addressing at escalated levels. WYS is experienced in bringing families back together.

When Josh and Mark, a 6- and 8-year-old set of siblings, came to WYS, they fought bitterly. They competed for their mother’s attention, animosity  pitted one against the other. Through treatment with our supportive counselors, Josh and Mark learned how to trust one another and recognize their mother’s love encompassed them both. Everyday squabbles are normal between siblings but Josh and Mark no longer fight as rivals. Instead, they can be found playing together during recess and might even be overheard paying compliments to one another. Their mother learned new strategies to minimize competition for her attention and encourage the boys toward their individual interests. WYS unearthed their unique and different talents and skills, allowing Josh and Mark to distinguish themselves as individuals.

Our Success Stories

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