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Sofia was in the 2nd grade when she came to WYS. She was very guarded and shy, she had attachment issues and it was a bit of a challenge to coax her to participate in counseling services.

We utilized play therapy with Sofia. As we played games and colored some of her favorite Disney Princesses, Sofia started to open up to her WYS counselor. She still needed some quiet time, which we accommodated, but as her trust and confidence in our counselor grew the quiet time was less and less.

Her counselor focused on positive statements and praise. Soon, Sofia allowed her authentic, charming, and sweet personality to show and was laughing and opening up more. She revealed personal information about her past which allowed her counselor to help Sofia with her healing journey. It’s a great reminder of how being present, patient, and there for a child can start the process of making little changes… and often little changes, lead to big change.

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Western Youth Services works hard to protect the privacy of the children we help. As such, the names and images of our clients are changed where necessary.