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From the very moment we saw Jade, it was apparent how much she was hurting and how critically she needed the support of her mother.

When Jade came to Western Youth Services she was dealing with issues related to anger and impulsivity. She was experiencing suicidal thoughts that had led to multiple hospitalizations. She was engaging in high risk behaviors that were self destructive. We knew we needed to act fast.

Based on Jade’s needs, we offered a form of treatment called Functional Family Therapy, a solution-based therapy that gets results.

Therapy + Additional Supports = An Increased Chance At Success

We knew the first step was engaging Jade and her mother in family therapy sessions designed to build a strong relationship and to address each other’s feelings. They learned techniques such as reflective listening to help improve their communication, which had a history of quickly spinning out of control.

We leveraged other supports, such as behavior coaching at home and Jade and her Mother learned safer ways to express their feelings to one another. Services from our community partners were provided with other support in their community — mentors, school resources, mother’s counseling and parenting support — to improve their overall well-being.

Improving Relationships At Home and In the Community

One of the biggest changes Jade experienced was that she no longer had thoughts of harming herself. Instead, she’s learned how to take care of herself more effectively. She is less impulsive and better able to think ahead about her decisions, both in her social relationships and when communicating with her mother.

Jade now has a brighter outlook on things. Her work with Western Youth Services and the community resources helped her find what she needed and wanted from her mother, as well as strengthened the ties to her community, and allowed healthy friendships to blossom.

Our Success Stories

Western Youth Services works hard to protect the privacy of the children we help. As such, the names and images of our clients are changed where necessary.